Measurement and Recording Electrical parameters of power systems
- Measure and display phase voltage , current and power factor and Null current
- Graphical display of voltage and current curves
- Measure and display phases and total active and reactive power
- Measure and display THD, even and odd HF values for voltage and current up to the 15th harmonic
- Measure and display frequency
- Three tariff active and reactive counter with Import and Export and tariff time setting capability
- Record Max. and Min. instant and average value of all parameters including time and date
- Record data for one year with one hour period
- Record data adapted to MODEC software
- Timely unlimited saving recorded data
- Software calibration
- Sampling 10 , 20 , 30 , 63KV power systems with different kinds of PT connection
- Support Aron connection
- Support CT with 1A and 5A output
- Safe voltage input and isolated current
- Graphical windows based software for power consumption management

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Mashhad Tadbir Company was founded in 1996.Our main products are power analyzers, measurement and recording devices for electrical parameters of power systems, data loggers and handy data collectors.
The company is consisted of these sections: Management, Administrative, Commercial, R&D, Test and calibration, Customer service, Warehouse

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