W1020 is a powerful power analyzer which is able to measure and record the electrical parameters of the circuit breaker and 4 connected feeders. The numbers of feeders are expandable to 16 feeders using W1024 modules.

While having the ability to measure and record voltage, current, neutral current, power factor, active, reactive and apparent powers, active and reactive energies for all the feeders, this device can measure and record 2nd to 15th voltage, current and neutral current harmonics, voltages THD and Currents THD for the circuit breaker. Also recording both the environmental temperature and transformer temperature would help to monitor and analyze the effect of harmonic loads.

All the records are stored in the internal memory and transferred to the server using internet.

The measured parameters which are transferred to the server by mobile networks make the charts and the data available to be monitored in order to calculate the loss reduction, load balance, load profile, PF correction and etc.


This device is available with Rogowski coil compatible and CT/split core CT compatible versions.


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